Day 3 (4/17/17) – Korean Engagement Photoshoot & Childhood Friend

Finally, the day I have been looking forward to and have been nervous for! Korea is well known for the engagement and wedding photos. It is such a unique concept and should be brought over to the US immediately! Basically, there are a bunch of studios that has packages which includes makeup, hair, multiple dress rentals, tux rentals, and photoshoot all day! Ours lasted about 3 hours of shoot and 2 hours of choosing which photos to put in our album and frame.

More cherry blossoms

L Studio (famous for many celebrity photoshoots and the popular show “We Got Married”) is out in the suburbs near where I mostly grew up – Ilsan. We took a very long subway ride and then were picked up by a staff member.

Getting ready! Myself, helper lady, and photographer/director

I didn’t get to take many photos so I brought some that Joe took. This is after I got makeup, hair, and one of the three dresses on. The helper lady was very detailed and made sure everything looked good. The photographer/director was such a fun person! I thought I would feel awkward (never having done a photoshoot before) but I ended up having a great time!

There are several different areas of the studios with different settings and backgrounds.

The most adorable dogs ever!

They also had two REALLY adorable golden retrievers. I hoped to have them in an outdoor shoot, but it rained all day. As you can tell, it was very cold so in between shoots, I had this adorable blanket over my shoulders.

Joe on standby with a sleeping dog…

We were worried Joe wouldn’t fit in any of their tuxes. We ended up using his own pants/shirt and thankfully the different jackets fit him! Joe is definitely way too tall for Korean clothes…

Below are the final photos we received few weeks later!

We were so pleased the way they turned out and I felt like a princess throughout the entire day!

After the long and tiring photoshoot, we made our way closer to the City of Ilsan to meet up with my friend I’ve known since we were 3 until 9. It was so weird being able to see her after we’ve all grown up!

From left to right: Joe, Minji’s mom, Minji’s sister, Minji, Myself

We ate and chatted as if we’ve never been apart. Catching up on life, introducing Joe, and just enjoying each others’ presence. I think Minji’s mom took quite a liking to Joe!

It’s painful sitting down!

This was also the first time Joe experienced a sit down restaurant. It was really tough for him (and even myself) to sit crossed legged on the floor.

It’s pretty typical to sit cross legged for a meal in Korea. Many people still sleep with futons on the floor as well. It’s definitely easier for women to sit crossed legged but not for a long time, I had to keep shifting as well to keep my leg and feet from falling asleep.

After dinner, we said our farewells, and pretty much teared up at the thought of when we would see each other next. Little did we know that we would be able to see each other again a little after a week!


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