Day 7 (4/21/17) – Suwon and Family

Suwon City

Time to travel to another city! This was supposed to be the beginning of Suwon-Jechon-Gyeongju… more to be explained later.

With my dad still feeling unwell, we took the subway to Suwon to see the Hwaseong fortress. It is a well known architecture and visited by many Koreans, but not as well known by tourists.

On the bus!

Until now, we have only been traveling by subway or taxi in Seoul. We got to try out buses in Suwon.

Hwaseong Fortress

The famous Hwaseong Fortress! Surrounds the city of Suwon. It was built in the late 1700s. It is another UNESCO World Heritage site. It was very tall and large. This was one of the main gates.

Existing walls

The walls still exist to this day and have blended in with modern buildings.


We would’ve loved to check out the market, but we were still tired from the previous day of walking all day long. Unfortunately, no stop here, we moved on.

Creek flood gates

This is a modernized and recently added flood gates. We followed the river/creek to the Suwon museum.

Joe and dad

We weren’t sure what was wrong with my dad at this point. We thought it was a cold that may have turned into the flu. He was running fevers all day.

Hwaseong Fortress Museum

It had detailed history and records of how the walls were built. Also, it was overrun by children on a field trip.

Records of how the wall was built were kept very well since the 1700s. You can also see how the lookout tower was inside.

Lovely spring colors

I love the spring time in Korea, everything is so colorful!!

Tulips! How lovely

With my dad feeling tired and sick, we decided to venture out ourselves to more parts of the wall.

Another gate of Hwaseong fortress

There were lots of people everywhere! I guess it’s a popular field trip destination.

Military exercise area

As you can see, people arrive by the bus loads. We walked around the wall to the other side.

Observation Tower

Couldn’t go inside, but I got to marvel at how huge the towers were.

East Command Post

Secondary function was used as a training camp grounds.

Flood Gates

This is the furthest we made. My feet were so sore and tired, we decided to head back to the museum.

Hwaseong Fortress Layout

This is how big it is, we only made it to the right side of the creek/river. One day we shall return and get the entire tour.


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