Day 8 (4/22/17) – Country Side and Wedding Crashing

Pyeongtaek to Onyang

We spent the night at one of my aunt’s apartment in Pyeongtaek. It was a great family time but alas, time to spend more time with rest of the family. My cousin drove us from Pyeongtaek to Onyang.

Cup ramen at a convenience store

What I’ve been wanting to experience was eating cup ramen at a convenience store. I’ve always seen it on TV and just wanted to do it! So on the way, we stopped by one and had some delicious cup ramen for breakfast! Don’t judge…

My mom’s younger sister and her family

Got to my aunt’s studio! She’s an artist and also cuts hair! So many talents. Every time we saw a family member, everything was as if we never had left. After more than a decade, it feels like we’ve always been in each others’ lives.

My clay work from childhood

We went inside her work studio and I noticed my art work from childhood! My aunt had kept it after all this time 🙂

Fusion/modern hanbok

My aunt had bought my mom, sister, and me modern hanboks! Very colorful and pretty. She said she got me a red skirt because it’s the color brides wear.

Soon we were back on the road on the way to Jechon, where my grandma on my mom’s side lives.

Onyang Museum

On the way, we stopped by a museum in Onyang. Again, my dad was running a fever and stayed in the car.

These are some of the photos from inside the museum. Very well done and had lots of displays that helped me and also Joe understand the traditional ways Korea once had.

Flowers and Pavilion

We walked around the outside of the museum for a bit. The weather was beautiful and there were lots of colorful flowers!

Peace and Tranquility

We didn’t spend too long at the museum/center but I felt so much peace and tranquility from so much nature!

Wedding with Traditional Performers

We then proceeded to “crash” a wedding. It was a private wedding but open to museum visitors. We got to try some delicious tea and snacks.

Korean outdoor wedding
Flower Tea (Not sure which flower)

After a while, we decided to get a move on! Onwards!


We made another stop which I am glad we made. I was able to see this beautiful landscape and admire the beautiful countryside of Korea! I really love this view.

Aunt and Niece

We even got to see these huge flowers and had nice opportunity for flowers! As you can see, it is still a bit chilly!

Village Guardians

After admiring the mountains and lots of wooden carvings, we finally left once more to see my grandmother.


Before going to see my grandmother, we stopped at my grandfather’s grave. He passed away a while back when I was in high school. I will never forget how fun he was for his granddaughters! He would take my sister, my cousin, AND myself on motorcycle rides!


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