Day 9 (4/23/17) – Jechon Outing

After a fun family dinner (with everyone!), we went to bed pretty late because my aunt wanted to cut, dye, and perm my hair… so don’t be surprised if you start seeing reddish brownish curly hair, it’s still me! 🙂

Breakfast Time!

Breakfast time with family. My grandma is too adorable! We had leftovers from the day before along with seaweed soup and lots of countryside side dishes.

Monorail Tour

Afterwards, we made our way to Cheongpung tourist area to ride the monorail up the mountain.

Cute little monorail rides and the steep hills

We got to ride in the 6-person monorail rides up the mountain.

Map of our route

It looks like a very steep climb, but we didn’t really feel it that much. The views were wonderful.

Going up!

This was the beginning of our monorail ride.

Becoming one with nature

We were literally riding through the forest and mountain!

The view!

Towards the top! I thought we’d have more time up at the top to enjoy the view, but it looked like that was not happening. I had few precious seconds to take the beautiful pictures!

Folk Village Center

Our next stop was the folk village center. They put old (and actual) traditional houses and buildings for tourists.

More flowers!

Everywhere we went, there were lots of colorful flowers 🙂


Tried to take a panorama view of the lake.

Geyser? Fountain?

We stood around and watched this giant fountain go up for few minutes. Reminded me of one in Switzerland.


We went inside one of the houses. Most traditional homes have a courtyard (not a backyard).

Old game

Joe and my aunt played one of the old school games, you hit the other wood blocks and try to turn them over! It wasn’t easy but Joe did it!

Walking with family

It was such a nice day for an outing with family. My cousin (in stripe shirts) and I didn’t have much to talk about because I’ve never met him before (we left Korea before he was born) but, it was nice to see him in high school, pretty much all grown up.

Group Photo

You can tell how tall Joe is… in most of the photos you can see my short aunt looking up at Joe, just admiring how tall he is!

Silkworms! Eek!

Before going back, my aunt wanted to play a prank and have Joe try cooked silkworms. Too bad Joe had already tried them and likes them! She was pleasantly surprised.

Natural rocks and natural beauty of my aunts 🙂

There was one more stop before heading back. Apparently the natural rocks were discovered recently and became a big tourist stop.


There were lots more construction going on to bring more tourists.

Beauty of Nature

I just really loved seeing the mountains, the rocks, and spending time with my family.


Before we knew it, it was time to leave. Our original plan was to go on to other cities, but we decided to head straight back to Seoul because of my dad’s ongoing health issue. My grandma was too sad to say goodbye. I told her that we would be back in two years!



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