Day 9 (4/23/17) – Jechon Outing

After a fun family dinner (with everyone!), we went to bed pretty late because my aunt wanted to cut, dye, and perm my hair… so don’t be surprised if you start seeing reddish brownish curly hair, it’s still me! 🙂 Breakfast time with family. My grandma is too adorable! We had leftovers from the day…… Continue reading Day 9 (4/23/17) – Jechon Outing

Day 8 (4/22/17) – Country Side and Wedding Crashing

We spent the night at one of my aunt’s apartment in Pyeongtaek. It was a great family time but alas, time to spend more time with rest of the family. My cousin drove us from Pyeongtaek to Onyang. What I’ve been wanting to experience was eating cup ramen at a convenience store. I’ve always seen…… Continue reading Day 8 (4/22/17) – Country Side and Wedding Crashing

Day 7 (4/21/17) – Suwon and Family

Time to travel to another city! This was supposed to be the beginning of Suwon-Jechon-Gyeongju… more to be explained later. With my dad still feeling unwell, we took the subway to Suwon to see the Hwaseong fortress. It is a well known architecture and visited by many Koreans, but not as well known by tourists.…… Continue reading Day 7 (4/21/17) – Suwon and Family

Day 6 (4/20/17) – Day of Royalty

After an adventurous day on day 5, we had a day of royalty ahead of us. It was time to visit the palaces and see how our kings and queens have lived. We had toast yet again for breakfast. This time we decided to try out HoBong Toastwich. It had a different charm compared to…… Continue reading Day 6 (4/20/17) – Day of Royalty

Day 2 (4/16/17) – Getting the Hang of Seoul

Thanks to jet lag, we woke up way too early on Sunday morning (around 6am?). So we decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood. Since it was still Spring, the cherry blossoms were still in full bloom! Despite Seoul being very dense and having buildings everywhere, there are plenty of green spaces such as…… Continue reading Day 2 (4/16/17) – Getting the Hang of Seoul