Day 6 (4/20/17) – Day of Royalty

After an adventurous day on day 5, we had a day of royalty ahead of us. It was time to visit the palaces and see how our kings and queens have lived. We had toast yet again for breakfast. This time we decided to try out HoBong Toastwich. It had a different charm compared to…… Continue reading Day 6 (4/20/17) – Day of Royalty

Day 5 (4/19/17) – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

That’s right, we went to the most dangerous place on earth on our Day 5 of Korea trip. It is also known as the DMZ – Demilitarized Zone. Now before I get deeper into our crazy day, I want to talk about the different zones near the North and South Korean border. I did not…… Continue reading Day 5 (4/19/17) – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth