Day 5 (4/19/17) – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

That’s right, we went to the most dangerous place on earth on our Day 5 of Korea trip. It is also known as the DMZ – Demilitarized Zone. Now before I get deeper into our crazy day, I want to talk about the different zones near the North and South Korean border. I did not…… Continue reading Day 5 (4/19/17) – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Day 4 (4/18/17) – Hitting the Pavement!

First official day in the center of Seoul! After our photoshoot on Day 3, we made our way back to the center of Seoul and stayed in Jongno area. It’s considered the “old” area with lots of old buildings, near the palaces and other historical centers. We reunited with my friend Maria and her boyfriend…… Continue reading Day 4 (4/18/17) – Hitting the Pavement!